PrestaShop Addons - Google Two-factor Authenticator For Front Office Module



Enable Google two-step verification to protect the login security and registration security of your website customers. Even if the customer password is a weak password, there is no need to worry, effectively preventing malicious attacks from robots.

What this module does for you

event_available Improve your website security
Effectively protect the registration and login security of website customers, and avoid malicious attacks by robot hackers on batch registration or malicious batch attacks.
Even if the customer's password is leaked, there is no need to worry, because the customer has turned on Google's two-step verification, then the website will require the customer to provide the two-step verification code on the mobile phone hardware at any time.
In the unlikely event that a customer loses his mobile phone or App, the website backend administrator can assist the customer to deactivate the Google two-step verification.

What your customers will like

Customers no longer need to worry about password leaks and weak passwords. Once Google’s two-step verification is turned on, the website still needs us to provide a two-step verification code that only our mobile phone knows, which greatly improves the customer’s account on the website safety.


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